ESCR-Net Secretariat

The Secretariat is composed of a small team of staff members that supports the actions of the different working groups, and in general, implements the decisions of the Membership and the Board. The Secretariat is formed by:

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Chris Grove, Executive Director

Chris was appointed executive director in 2012, having served as an ESCR-Net program officer from 2004-2007, focused on corporate accountability, economic policy, and women and ESCR. He has facilitated political education, research, and grassroots organizing in the US, as well as Cambodia, India and Romania. Chris holds graduate degrees in international affairs (Columbia University) and anthropology (The Graduate Center, CUNY) and has taught courses in social theory, anthropology, history and human rights.


Joie Chowdhury, Program Coordinator, Environment & ESCR

Joie is the coordinator of the Networkwide Project on Environment & ESCR. Her work focuses on advancing climate justice and the right to a healthy environment. Prior to joining ESCR-Net, she has worked in human rights and environmental advocacy and research, and has provided support to organizing, in the US, India, Switzerland and Kosovo. Joie holds a Bachelor of Laws from India, a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (Fletcher School, Tufts University) and a Master of Laws (Columbia Law School). She has taught courses on the role of strategic litigation and social movements in the implementation of economic, social, cultural and environmental rights.

Fernando Ribeiro Delgado, Program Coordinator, Strategic Litigation

Fernando is the coordinator of the Strategic Litigation Working Group. Prior to joining ESCR-Net, he was involved in human rights litigation, fact-finding, research, and advocacy at several NGOs and academic institutions in Brazil and the United States. This work centered around tackling police and prison abuse, promoting indigenous land rights, and building access to justice. He holds a JD (Harvard Law School) and an AB in Public and International Affairs (Princeton University). He has taught courses on human rights advocacy, the inter-American human rights system, and human rights and criminal justice issues.

Francesca Feruglio, Program Coordinator, Monitoring

Francesca is the coordinator of the Monitoring Working Group. Prior to ESCR-Net she has been involved in research, advocacy and capacity building with grassroots groups, international NGOs and academic institutions, in India, the UK and other European countries. Her work focuses on socioeconomic rights and issues around citizens’ participation in democratic governance. Francesca holds an LLM in International Human Rights Law (University of Galway, Ireland), and a BA in History and Anthropology (University of Padua, Italy).

Collins Liko, Program Coordinator, Economic Policy Working Group

Collins is the coordinator of the Economic Policy and Human Rights Working Group. Prior to joining ESCR-Net, Collins was involved in advancing the economic and social rights of marginalized grassroots communities from a development and economic policy lens. He has significance experience in research, capacity building, community organizing and movement building. Collins has been engaged in ESCR advocacy at different levels including the UN. He holds a BA in Sustainable Human Development (Social Sciences, Catholic University of Eastern Africa) and a Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation (Africa Medical Research Foundation).  

Mona Sabella, Program Coordinator, Corporate Accountability Working Group

Mona is the coordinator of the Corporate Accountability Working Group (CAWG). She previously worked in Geneva and Dublin as an advocate for the rights of communities and human rights defenders in the Middle East and North Africa. For several years, Mona led legal research and advocacy on corporate accountability and colonial practices of dispossession impacting human rights in Palestine, as well as serving on the CAWG Steering Committee. She holds an LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (University of Essex) and BA in International Relations and Politics (Earlham College).

Membership & Communication

Ruben Kondrup, Membership and Solidarity Coordinator

Ruben is the Membership and Solidarity Coordinator. His work focuses on membership engagement, outreach and our network’s System of Solidarity (SOS). Prior to joining ESCR-Net, he worked for several years with human rights campaigning, activism and organizing in Puerto Rico and Denmark. Ruben holds a Master of Development and International Relations from Aalborg University in Denmark.

Basma Eid, Campaign and Membership Coordinator

Basma is the Campaign and Membership Coordinator. Prior to joining ESCR-Net, Basma worked on issues relating to the US immigration system, leading campaigns aimed at the abolition of the carceral system, including intersectional divestment campaigns. She has been involved in the immigrant worker justice movement, supporting the decriminalization of street vending and other precarious forms of work. She is deeply committed to indigenous liberation and has organized in solidarity with the Palestine refugee community in Lebanon since 2012. She received an MSc in Labor, Social Movements, and Development from SOAS in 2014. She is based in New York City.

Esther de la Rosa, Communications Coordinator

Esther de la Rosa is a Spanish journalist with over 15 years of experience using communications as a tool to effect positive social change. In Spain she hosted a community radio show dedicated to women’s struggles for equality, foregrounded under-reported women’s issues in the media and designed and conducted seminars and workshops on gender and communications. Based in New York since 2011, Esther has coordinated communications and developed social media strategy for several organizations. She has been a member of the International Network of Journalists with a Gender Perspective since 2005.

Marylu Bautista, Communications Assistant

Marylu serves as the Communications Assistant. Prior to joining ESCR-Net, she worked for her congressional representative as a communications team member. Marylu has experience working with local non-profits, who advocate for equal access to food, education and a safe environment for disenfranchised communities. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Boston University.


Georgia Marman, Development Associate

Georgia serves the role of Development Associate with ESCR-Net. Prior to joining the Secretariat, she was dedicated to the intersections between women’s rights, labour rights, extractive industries and the environment, working with various NGOs and as a consultant in Toronto, Argentina and Chile. She holds a Master of Arts in Anthropology and International Development (University of Guelph, Canada).

Anne Treaba, Finance Coordinator

Anne is primarily responsible for bookkeeping and office administration for ESCR-Net. Before joining ESCR-Net, Anne worked as administrative and finance officer in the US and Australia, which included roles in budgeting and forecasting processes. She holds dual degrees in accounting and computer science from the University of New England, Australia.

Greta Salazar de Villacis, Institutional Development Director

Greta serves as the Institutional Development Director. In that role, she provides financial management, oversees logistics and events, and supervises administrative and development staff. Prior to joining ESCR-Net, Greta worked for several years as a paralegal and managed departmental coordination in previous positions. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in International Law, Institutions and Ethics.

Pedro Acosta Galindo, Administration Assistant

Pedro serves as the Administration Assistant, supporting various projects and activities. Before joining ESCR-Net, he dedicated his time to immigration and education-oriented organizations in New York City and the Bay Area. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Latin American & Latino Studies from Fordham University.

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