Activities and Actions

The activities and actions of ESCR-Net are initiated and collectively undertaken by Members from different regions of the world.  Most of these actions are advanced by thematic Working Groups; others are undertaken by the full Membership of ESCR-Net.  Whether facilitating learning, coordinating joint advocacy, or engaging international solidarity, each of these efforts aims to secure economic, social and cultural rights and “to build a global movement to make human rights and social justice a reality for all.”  The following are current areas of activity and action:

Working Group Related Activities:

Strategic Litigation on ESCR

Corporate Accountability

Economic Policy and Human Rights

Monitoring of ESCR

Social Movements and Grassroots Groups

Women and ESCR

Activities of Full Membership or Multiple Working Groups:

NGO Campaign for an OP-ICESCR

Urgent Actions – System of Solidarity and Support (SOS)