COVID-19: From the Frontlines

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Learn about the advocacy and demands from our members in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic:   

"Durante demasiado tiempo, los desalojos brutales e ilegales han aterrorizado a las comunidades, incluso durante una pandemia que nos obliga a quedarnos en casa por razones de salud pública. Por lo tanto, exigimos el fin de todos los desalojos en nuestras ciudades. Exigimos el fin de todo despojo de tierras , cortes de servicios públicos y ataques relacionados contra los pobres". - S’bu Zikode

"For too long, brutal and illegal evictions have been terrorizing communities, even during a pandemic that requires us to stay at home for public health reasons. We therefore demand an end to all evictions in our cities. We demand an end to all land dispossession, utilities cut offs and related attacks on the poor." - S’bu Zikode 

Preliminary Monitoring Report on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Human Right to Food and Nutrition


Coronavirus: A Call for Solidarity in a Time of Crisis



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