ESCR-Net Member Activities

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Join ESCR-Net member The National Union of Domestic Employees (N.U.D.E.) in efforts to promote the ratification of the ILO Convetnion No. 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers in Trinidad and other countries in the Caribbean region.  Together with partner unions such as the Jamaica Household Workers Association and Red Thread of Guyana, N.U.D.E. aims to raise awareness among domestic workers regarding their rights and to promote the concept of Decent Work. 

Yesterday, a letter demanding that Congress respect human rights on budget decisions was distributed to Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Nancy Pelosi, and copied to many other Congressional and Administration officials including President Obama.  This letter was signed by 50 organizations spread across the United States, from established national policy groups to grassroots community organizations.

In an article appeared on the Summer 2011 issue of Center Focus, Aldo Caliari describes the discrediting of the two beliefs that kept control of financial regulation in the hands of a small cadre of so-called technical elites for the last two decades. "If we want the next decade to see the emergence of a financial system that serves the common good, it is imperative to ensure that the debate on financial regulation sees the active scrutiny and participation of broad swathes of society," he says.

Following the adoption of a new constitution, civil society organizations in Kenya are working to create new policies and legislative proposals in order to domesticate and implement internationally recognized human rights.

Several ESCR-Net members including the Nairobi People's Settlement...