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Thanks, Ale!

The late release of the draft from the IGWG has made it challenging for everyone to arrange responses to the draft, so thanks for staying committed to developing this draft in the time available.

I will look today and send something back by the end of today.

All the best,

Dear members,
Following up on my previous emails, I’d like to take a moment to thank the members that have agreed to work collectively on this task and sent us contributions for a new CAWG collective submission in reaction to the draft elements for the
binding instrument. The time and effort that you have put through this process in this very short timeframe is highly appreciated and will be important in guiding and supporting CAWG advocacy at the IGWG. Here in the Secretariat we have worked in all members’

Dear members,
This is a quick note to let you know that it is available now on the IGWG website the version of the draft elements for the legally binding instrument in spanish and French. You can find the document here:


Estimados miembros,

Dear members,
I hope this email finds you well.
Following up on my previous emails that have updated you on the developments on the treaty project, we’d like to inform you about the progress we have been making. As mentioned before, after the release by Ecuador (the chair of the IGWG)
of the

May be of interest to those on the list- other angles of #bizhumanrights work & struggles

Release is online here.
[cid:image001.jpg@01D341B2.4D426F60] [cid:image002.png@01D341B2.4D426F60]

Jen Nessel, CCR, (212) 614-6449, jnessel@ccrjustice.org
Carly Perez, DWN, 971-219-9750, cperez@detentionwatchnetwork.org

Dear all,

On the 28th of Sept. (i.e. tomorrow!), we are holding tomorrow our Bringing
Responsibility Home symposium in Ottawa (Canada, with international guests.
Whether or not you're attending, we encourage you to follow and share the
highlights we'll be posting throughout the day on social media:



#BHRinLaw is the hashtag we're using to refer to the theme of embedding the
corporate responsibility to respect human rights into law, due diligence &
duty of care legislation.

Alexandra, mil gracias por la carta y por la iniciativa. Con los sucesos recientes en México, no habíamos tenido oportunidad de revisar la carta, y seguramente ya se habrá enviado. De todas formas, desde ProDESC no queríamos dejar de sumarnos si aún es posible, y decirles que pueden utilizar nuestro nombre sin problema para la carta.

Un abrazo,


Elena Villafuerte

Hola, Alexandra, gracias por la carta.

Sobre este párrafo: (pág 1):

"Sin embargo, a pesar de la información adicional proporcionada, *muchos
miembros* de la Red-DESC siguen teniendo serias preocupaciones con respecto
a una acuerdo entre la OACNUDH y una empresa, dada la influencia real o
percibida de las empresas sobre la independencia de la OACNUDH. "

Estimados y estimadas,
La red Internacional de Derechos Humanos ridh se suma a la iniciativa , pueden mencionar nuestra organización en la carta sin reservas . No he leído la carta pero tengo entera confianza en ustedes. Si nos dicen donde está el texto para leerlo sería bueno . Seguramente la enviaron pero en medio de tanto mail no la encuentro .
Ramón Muñoz

Envoyé de mon iPhone

Dear Alexandra and CAWG members,

Thanks for your work on this letter. We've discussed the issue and contents
of the letter with our members, and this is APWLD's overall feedback: