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The Plataforma DHESCA Brasil is part of the National Counsil for Human Rights, who was raised by law 12,986, on June 2, 2014. The CNDH, in April 2015, received by  the Movement...

At request of Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragems (MAB), a group of the National Human Rights Council were in Altamira last week to prove the allegations of rights violations that are occurring with the...

ESCR-Net have developed a Scoping Report highlighting six cases of corporate capture in different industries and across different regions.  The Scoping Report is a preliminary...

MAB launches documentry to denounce the violation of women's rights during the construction of dams in Brazil

Plataforma Dhesca and civil society organizations presented their priorities on Human Rights

MST, MAB and other organizations criticize HSBC due its participation in several scandals of corruption and money  laundering

ESCR-Net presents the Portuguese version of this guide that provides information on strategic litigation under the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR

The lawyer Darci Frigo received an award from the Brazilian Ministry of Justice for his contribution to improving access to justice

ESCR-Net has recently participated in two global gatherings to discuss human rights issues relating to land, natural resources and housing.

Conectas launches the commemorative issue of the international journal on human rights