United States of America

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This article analyzes global trends in financing for infrastructure. It looks at changes in Mexico’s laws, policies, and programs and how it has effected their infrastructure investment models and the use of public pension funds. Furthermore, it examines how this model is...

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Oil Change International, Friends of the Earth-U.S., Sierra Club, and the WWF European Policy Office with the assistance of other NGOs collaborated to produce a report...

United States of America
United States of America

We are excited to invite water warriors to Michigan to share and strategy on the state of the movement for water rights in our communities. The 2nd International Gathering brings together people directly impacted by water struggles and social movement water...

Undocumented workers should be granted equal rights, states the Inter-American Commission

Leopoldo Zumaya and Francisco Berumen Lizalde were both injured on the job while working without work authorization in the United States. Each sustained long-term physical damage and were denied access to compensation solely because of their immigration status. Mr. Zumaya filed a workers’ compensation claim but had to settle for a fraction of what he would have received if he had been a U.S. legal permanent resident or citizen. Mr. Lizalde was arrested and deported to Mexico – seemingly in direct response to his workers’ compensation claim – and therefore was unable to pursue it. 

The United States government threatened to systematically undermine the human rights of communities in the US, and around the world, during the first week following the inauguration of President Donald Trump. In the days immediately following Trump’s election, the...

Human rights—as a movement that critiques systemic inequalities and affirms our common humanity—offers a transformative alternative to a politics of fear and exclusion.

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