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Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders by Front Line Defenders

The manual goes into some depth on how to analyze risks and threats and how to develop effective security and protection strategies and plans.

Front Line Defenders Training in Secuirty and Protection Resources

The workshop aims to facilitate a sharing of skills knowledge and expertise to help provide HRDs with additional knowledge and tools that may be useful to them in addressing their personal security and protection issues. 

Workbook on Security by Front Line Defenders

The workbook provides practical steps for human rights defenders at risk. 

Security and Protection Management for Human Rights Defenders and Social Organizations by Protection International

Designed for NGOs, social organisations and individuals.

New Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders by Protection International

Manual gives steps on how to develop security and protection strategies. Contains:

  • Global security strategy,

  • Communications and information technology security procedures, 

  • Organization security management, and

  • Protocols and procedures for reducing risks

Self Care Manual for Feminist Activists by CREA

This Self-Help Manual is a resource to get to know yourself better, optimize your strengths, reflect upon your context and work on caring for yourself. 

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