Peoples' Voices on the Crisis

Start Date: 
Saturday, June 20, 2009 - 00:00
End Date: 
Saturday, June 20, 2009 - 00:00

Church of the Holy Trinity
316 E. 88th Street, New York City


The current economic crisis has shaken the foundations of the largest stock markets and the most influential financial institutions around the globe, yet the precise consequences of this financial meltdown for working women and men and for our fragile environment, have been less obvious and have been little-profiled in the mass media. This is especially the case for workers, small farmers and the poor from the global South impacted by the crisis, whose realities are far removed from that of the investment bankers and large business owners of the global North in whose interest many of the current bailout packages were designed.

In order to highlight the all-too-real social and environmental impacts of the current financial, food, energy and climate change crises, Peoples´ Voices on the Crisis will bring together activists from civil society organizations, trade unions and grassroots groups on a local, national and international level who will give testimony on how their lives and communities are being directly affected by this systemic crisis. People's Voices on the Crisis will also be an opportunity to share ideas and experiences on how to construct a global movement to advocate for a new economic system based on human rights and environmental sustainability.

Thematic Panels:Gender Rights

  • Rights of Indigenous Communities and Ethnic Minorities
  • Decent Work and Social Security
  • Social Rights and Economic Security
  • Environmental Sustainability

Testimonials from grassroots human rights and environmental activists from: Benin, El Salvador, Nepal, Nigeria, Sudan, Uruguay, New Orleans, New York...and other local-global communities

Keynote presentation by: Father Manuel D'Escoto Brockmann, President of the UN General Assembly

Convened by: Social Watch, Eurostep, LDC Watch, Institute for Policy Studies, Global Policy Forum, Center of Concern, ESCR-Net, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Global-Local Links Project, Jubilee USA Network, Jubilee South, GCAP Feminist Task Force, Alliance for Responsible Trade, Women's Environment and Development Organization, International Council for Adult Education

To see video footage of the event, click here.