Webinar on Trade and Investment

Start Date: 
Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 10:00
End Date: 
Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 11:00


This Thursday, September 22, please join us for the first Webinar on Trade and Investment, with opening presentations by Tessa Khan (Climate Litigation Network), Zahra Bazzi (Arab NGO Network for Development), and Diyana Yahaya (Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development).

You can join this first webinar here: https://event.voiceboxer.com/event/xs1ieg/login. This will work best with a Firefox, Chrome or Opera browser on a fixed computer, ideally plugged into internet (versus wireless). If you have problems connecting, please visit the Voiceboxer check page and support page

Other webinars on Ecomic Policy include: Privatization & Public-Private Partnerships (Sept 28) and Infrastructure, Energy & Extractives (Oct 5).

All webinars will take place at the following time, depending on time zones: 9am (Mexico); 10am (Eastern USA); 11am (Argentina/Brazil); 3pm (Nigeria/UK); 4pm (Egypt/ Switzerland); 5pm (Uganda/Lebanon); 7:30pm (Sri Lanka); 9pm (Thailand); 10pm (Philippines)

Webinars will include simultaneous interpretation in Arabic, English and Spanish, and will last approximately one hour.  Dialogues will explore relevant member work, emerging challenges and openings for collective action.

To register interest in the second and third webinars, please email: info@escr-net.org, one week before the webinar begins. Please put the name of the webinar in the title of the email.

For a Briefing Note on Trade and Investment, please see: www.escr-net.org/economic-policy-and-human-rights/trade-and-investment. Additional resources are available at: www.escr-net.org/EconomicPolicy