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ESCR-Net's General Discussion Group

ESCR-Net hosts a general listserv, which allows groups to post information about campaigns and events, pose questions, seek input or assistance and share information on issues of general interest in the field of ESCR.  Subscribers also receive updates about ESCR-Net's projects and activities.  Currently, the general listserv has over 1800 groups and individuals that participate from around the world. 

ESCR-Net's Thematic Discussion Groups

ESCR-Net also moderates several Thematic Discussion Groups that facilitate information exchange and discussion regarding specific ESCR issues

Discussion Group on Adjudication of ESCR (one list is mainly in English and another list in Spanish)

Created to faciliate communication among organizations and individuals interested in demanding ESCR through legal mechanisms. We hope this space will also be a forum for the exchange of strategies and updated information on the development of case law related to ESCR.

Discussion Group on Corporate Accountability (multilingual)

Facilitates discussion, information exchange and joint work among organizations and individuals from all over the world that are working to achieve that corporations incorporate human rights standards in their operations 

Discussion Group on Economic Policy & Human Rights (multilingual)

Organized to facilitate information-sharing and collective efforts related to international trade and investment as intersecting human rights, particularly economic, social, and cultural human rights

Discussion Group on Human Rights and the Environment (multilingual)

Coordinates the exchange information and debate, joint actions and strategy exchange on the relationship between human rights and environment.

Discussion Group on Monitoring of ESCR (multilingual)

Facilitates information-sharing and joint reflection regarding monitoring methods, tools and resources related to economic, social and cultural rights.

Discussion Group on the Right to Health (multilingual) 

Facilitates discussion and information exchange relevant to the Right to Health. Originally the discussion group focused on human rights issues related to HIV/AIDS. Over time, the interest of participants in the discussion group expanded to a broader focus on the human right to health

Discussion Group on Women and ESCR (one list is mainly in English and another list in Spanish)

Provides an online space for organizations, individual advocates, and academics to share resources and information, to discuss key issues and potential responses, and to explore possibilities for collective efforts

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