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ESCR-Net is a member-led network. Together, we build shared analysis, define strategies and undertake collective action, primarily through our working groups. Working groups annually evaluate their progress, revise objectives, and prioritize collective actions as part of shared work plans.

By harnessing the collective power of our network to address urgent threats to human rights defenders, ESCR-Net coordinates a System of Solidarity (SOS). All of our work is guided by ESCR-Net’s board, which is elected by and composed of members based on principles of regional diversity, gender balance and inclusion of grassroots groups. The secretariat works to facilitate the above mentioned actions and the collective work of ESCR-Net members.

The Common Charter for Collective Struggle was affirmed by members during our latest Global Strategy Meeting as a shared analysis of common conditions and deepening inequalities, which has led to the impoverishment and dispossession of communities around the world. The Charter provides an overview of the global forces affecting people living in both rural and urban areas in the Global South as well as North. It also contains an emerging vision for forging unity across struggles and concludes with initial points of consensus relating to shared demands for justice that might inform a global campaign or coordinated actions in line with ESCR-Net’s mission “to build a global movement to make human rights and social justice a reality for all.”

The Women and ESCR Working Group is advancing women’s rights related to land, housing and natural resources and at the intersection of women and work, as well as supporting our wider network operationalize an intersectional gender analysis and approach.

The Corporate Accountability Working Group coordinates collective actions and builds capacity to challenge emblematic cases of corporate abuse, advocating for new accountability and remedy structures. It engages in collective advocacy, campaigning and collaborative research, member-to-member capacity building, and is actively confronting corporate capture of government institutions and decision-making.

The Economic Policy Working Group seeks to develop critical analysis of the global economic system via the human rights framework, facilitate collective advocacy to challenge unjust structures and policies, and promote alternative models of development.

The Monitoring Working Group builds persuasive evidence for ESCR advocacy, for the purpose of ensuring that States and other key actors act in accordance with their human rights obligations. It does so by facilitating mutual learning and knowledge-sharing, deepening critical analysis, coordinating collective action to advance the realization of human rights in practice, and strengthening a networkwide focus on community-led monitoring.

The Strategic Litigation Working Group aims at ensuring accountability for violations of economic, social and cultural rights by strengthening access to competent adjudication and effective remedies within domestic, regional and international systems, developing contextualized models on implementation and making resources available to advocates. The Social Movement Working Group builds solidarity, facilitates mutual learning, deepens a shared analysis and nurtures global alliances, while promoting the active participation and leadership of grassroots leaders in all areas of our network’s collective work.