Get Involved

ESCR-Net links Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) advocates around the world so they can strengthen their own work through the use of human rights tools and approaches; strengthen each other's work through joint actions, campaigns, and information-sharing; and build the field of ESCR globally though the development of new tools, strategies, knowledge and advocacy.  To get involved you can:Become a Member

The most direct way to get involved with ESCR-Net is to become active as a Member of the Network. Membership in ESCR-Net is open to any individual or organization that is committed to the advancement of ESCR, actively engaged in the field and supportive of ESCR-Net's goals and principles. In this section you will find more information on Membership.

Participate in a Working Group

The main way to get involved in the substantive work of ESCR-Net is through participating in one of its thematic Working Groups or Initiatives. Working Groups provide a structure for you to move beyond dialogue with other activists to undertake joint actions, develop new strategies and resources, and carry out substantive and project-focused work together.

Join a Thematic Discussion Group

You can subscribe to one or more of ESCR-Net's Discussion Groups, which provide a channel for you to exchange information with other activists from around the world working on the same issue area. 

Join the General Listserv

ESCR-Net hosts a general listserv, which allows groups to post information about campaigns and events, pose questions and seek input or assistance, and share information on issues of general interest in the field of ESCR.  Members also receive updates about ESCR-Net's activities and meetings.  Currently, the general listserv has approximately 1500 groups and individuals that participate from around the world. 

Network Actions

Join ESCR-Net Members and other committed Human Rigths activists and defenders in addresssing challenges to Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.