Key Questions

Central question

What transformative, collective action will ESCR-Net undertake to realise ESCR over the next 5 years, responsive to global conditions?

Questions to guide discussion

The questions below will guide our discussions during the Global Strategy Meeting.  Over the past few months, ESCR-Net members, foremost via working groups, have begun to discuss the first two questions, developing background notes on the impacts and lessons of their respective working groups and offering feedback on a concept note developed by the Social Movement Working Group, entitled a Charter for Collective Struggle. These discussions will continue at the Global Strategy Meeting, and particularly in relation to the final question, they will deepen in the months immediately following the meeting.

  1. What did we achieve as a network over the last three years?
  2. What global challenges, opportunities and constructive practices do we need to consider in order to advance ESCR?
  3. What should we work on together to advance ESCR over the next five years?
  4. How should our collective action—within working groups and across the network—develop in light of our shared objectives?