Aliança para a Promoção do Desenvolvimento da Comuna do Hoji-Ya-Henda (APDCH)

La Aliança para a Promoção do Desenvolvimento da Comuna do Hoji-Ya-Henda (APDCH) is an alliance of numerous organizations and thematic groups dedicated to diverse visions, objectives, and perspectives.

Since 2003, APDCH has coordinated community development projects benefitting grassroots, community organizations in Angola - specifically, in the province of Luanda and northern regions of the country (Uíge and Zaire). The main programmatic objectives of APDCH are to promote civil society participation in monitoring, defining and implementing public policies; as well as to manage local development via strengthening the capacities of its members organizations. 

APDCH prioritizes the economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) of families facing severe vulnerability, particularly women and children. Many of APDCH's member organizations are women-led.

A focus on youth is also an important facet of APDCH. Among the grassroots, community organizations that form the APDCH network, 37 are groups led by young people that use theater, dance and music as techniques for education, awareness raising, and community mobilization related to diverse issues. Youth-led groups represent 12% of APDCH's member organizations. 

Some of the activities facilitated by APDCH include the following:

  • Capacity building and training in ESCR for young activists;
  • Development of strategies for initiatives related to education and awareness raising with communities;
  • Opposition to ESCR violations committed by companies;
  • Publication of manuals on ESCR, which are translated into the multiple languages of Angola in order to ensure access for those not fluent in Portuguese;
  • Promotion of community debates regarding results of research undertaken; and
  • Coordination of thematic fora between civil society and authorities as a space to debate issues of community interest. 
Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: