Conservación Investigación y Aprovechamiento de los Recursos Naturales (CIARENA)

CIARNEA seeks to advance holistic forms of development that foreground a gender perspective and the autonomy of indigenous people, ultimately leading to processes of empowerment and the sustainable use of natural resources. This broad work is grounded in our efforts to contribute to the holistic development and strengthening of indigenous peoples.

Their guiding principles include equality, justice, unity, cooperation and respect. CIARNEA serves to restore the social fabric and improve the quality of life of indigenous women and youth. The primary objective of the organization is to support actions that further the autonomy of men and women through the full enjoyment of their human rights and the development of self-governed projects dedicated to equality and harmony with the natural world.

The main area of work of CIARENA is training and capacity building on tools and knowledge relevant to the defense and enjoyment of human rights. As a key component of this work, we provide emotional and legal support to women who have experienced violence.