People's Movement for Human Rights Learning (PDHRE)

The People's Movement for Human Rights Learning (PDHRE), formerly The People’s Decade for Human Rights Education, is an independent, international, non-profit organization promoting, enhancing and providing learning about human rights as relevant to people's daily lives at all levels of society, that leads to action. PDHRE was established in 1988 in an effort to respond to the unmet need for Human Rights Learning at the grassroots level that needed this knowledge and strategy the most as a powerful tool for action. Since then, PDHRE has conducted and/or facilitated Human Rights Learning and training at the community level in more than 60 countries, and produced a unique range of written and audio-visual pedagogical materials to support learning and dialogue for socio-economic transformation. PDHRE was instrumental in the creation of the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education (1995 – 2004) and is committed to create a process by which all will know human rights towards social and economic transformation. PDHRE is convinced that imposed ignorance is a human rights violation and the learning about human rights as a way of life is imperative for meaningful human, social and economic development. There is none other…-- to break thought the vicious cycle of humiliation. 

PDHRE's ultimate goal is to show through shared learning and dialogue why the space created by human rights norms and standards should not be negated. Rather the space opened by human rights law can be used to engender social, economic, and political changes at the local, national, and international level that serve to reclaim and secure the most comprehensive and fundamental of human rights, morally and politically, -- the right to be human -- moving charity to dignity for all. 

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: