Southeast Asian Council for Food Security and Fair Trade (SEACON)

The Southeast Asia Council for Food Security and Fair Trade (SEACON) strives towards achieving the four A's of food security through food sovereignty principles and fair trade practices. The food security four A's are availability, affordability, accessibility, and acceptability. Fair trade focuses on fair terms of trade for small scale farmers based on progressive development of social and economic safety-nets and equitable benefit sharing through better economic access and equity to provide the means to sustain dignified livelihoods, wages and decent working conditions; mindful of self-determination, culture, heritage, knowledge, customary and ancestral rights of small-scale farming communities.

One of SEACON's objectives is to be envisioned as a mechanism to ensure that the Balay Declaration (the embodiment of the Southeast Asian NGOs' collective aspirations and visions for food security in the region) and the establishment of national based food security councils (where appropriate and possible) would be promoted and undertaken. The need for national based councils is to ensure that whatever analysis/positions taken on issues on or related to food security would have secure baking from the respective NGO/PO community in particular, the whole country in general. In order to be vibrant and responsive, active participation of the grassroots must be enhanced.

SEACON's other objective is to be a region-wide civil society network that offers a co-ordinated program that will study and evaluate the activities of multilateral institutions in the areas of agriculture, trade and food security. And based on this study and evaluation, they counter and lobby against measures detrimental to food security.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: