Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN)

The mission of the Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN) is to support the efforts of those affected by extractive industries and weak governance through rights based community empowerment. They strive to protect human rights and demand responsive governance.

SDN's model of community empowerment, backed by research and advocacy, helps communities and civil society to communicate a shared vision and negotiate with other stakeholders, to get a better deal from the investments and operations that affect their lives, livelihoods and environment.

SDN believes that communities that are knowledgeable, confident, cohesive, inclusive, and organized can become agents of change. In light of this theory of change, empowerment is a systematic process of building capabilities and assets at the individual and community level.

Empowered individuals and communities become able to participate in decision-making in order to uphold their basic social, political, economic and environmental rights.

SDN’s facilitation from a rights based perspective results in communities and civil society groups gaining the tools they need to not only become active agents of change in their communities and region, but also provides them with a firm foundation to demand that their rights are upheld, government and oil companies are responsive to their needs and that they are seen as key partners in their own development.

Working Group(s) / Area(s) of Work: