June 4, 2009: Prominent Uruguayan Lawyer Criticizes Public Safety Plan

Source of Information: 
Latin America Press

Luis Pedernera, a prominent Uruguyan lawyer and coordinator of IELSUR, a Member Organization of ESCR-Net, criticizes Uruguayan President Tabaré Vázquez's failure to put human rights at the forefront of the country's public safety policy. As a member of the Legal and Social Studies Institute of Uruguay, which is composed of human rights lawyers who deal with issues such as the imprisonment of minors, freedom of speech, and economic, social and cultural rights, Pedernera states that the Uruguayan penal system is disadvantageous to those it is meant to protect, instead causing the atrophy of community ties. Pedernera also discusses the stigmitazation of prisoners and children from impoverished areas alike, criticizing public support of the practice and calling for necessary reforms in education and public policies designed to save banks at the expense of Uruguayan citizens.

Link to full text article provided by the Latin America Press: http://www.latinamericapress.org/articles.asp?art=5873