March, 2009: International Year of Human Rights Learning

Publish Date: 
Friday, August 3, 2012
Source of Information: 
Shulamith Koenig - People's Movement for Human Rights Learning (PDHRE)


Shulamith Koenig from People's Movement for Human Rights Learning (PDHRE), an ESCR-Net Oganizational Member, shared the following thoughts regarding a recent United Nations GA.

March 2009

As you prepare for important future work toward assuring the destiny of
women in a troubled world, yet often a hopeful world, it will be
important if you take into consideration the recent United Nations GA
Resolution - attached- designating 2009 an international year for human
rights learning. -- Please notice new language about human rights.Please notice new language about human rights.

The goals of the resolution can be achieved if undertaken as a civil
society effort that will start regional and national processes that in
10 to 15 years will have all women and men worldwide know human rights
as a way of life...-- as relevant to their daily lives.. moving from
charity to dignity, to belong in community in dignity with other..

We women who were finally recognized as full human being in CEDAW have a
responsibility to share the knowledge of human rights as a way of life
with as many communities as possible. Where people exchange their
equality for survival let them know of the universality of human rights,
its indivisibility and interconnectedness
and its meaning tot their lives. , Both women and men who fall prey to
the patriarchal system. must learn to decipher between causes and
symptoms to bring human rights to the world. and braking through the
vicious cycle of humiliation.

We call on organizations to join in this extraordinary effort of learning
about human rights as a way of life as a powerful tool for action.

I am attaching two documents which offer a draft, one amongst more that
can be designed, to start such a process during 2009.