June 02, 2010: Chevron Has 5 Activists Arrested and Bars Entry to Global Victims of Its Practices at Annual Shareholders' Meeting

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Source of Information: 
Democracy Now! The War and Peace Report

Chevron has had five protesters arrested at its annual shareholders meeting in Houston and refused to allow another two dozen people from Chevron-affected countries around the world, like Nigeria, Ecuador and Burma. Those denied entry held legal shareholder proxies. The True Cost of Chevron Network says it organized the protest to call attention to Chevron's human rights and environmental record.

The video below includes interviews with Antonia Juhasz, director of the Chevron Program at Global Exchange, who spent the night in jail after her arrest; and Emem Okon, an activist from Nigeria and the founder and executive director of ESCR-Net member Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Center in the Niger Delta.

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