New publication: Socio-Economic Rights - Adjudication under a Transformative Constitution

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Drawing on a wide range of interdisciplinary resources, this scholarly work provides an in-depth and thorough analysis of the socio-economic rights jurisprudence of the newly democratic South Africa. 

The book explores how the judicial interpretation and enforcement of socio-economic rights can be more responsive to the conditions of systemic poverty and inequality characterising South African society.  Based on meticulous research, the work marries legal analysis with perspectives from political philosophy and democratic theory. Cautioning against a traditional, formalistic conception of rights and the separation of powers doctrine, the author develops a nuanced conception of substantive reasonableness review in the context of socio-economic rights. She further argues for a reconstruction of private law doctrines in the light of the normative purposes and values promoted by socio-economic rights.

Socio-Economic Rights - Adjudication under a Transformative Constitution is up to date, including detailed evaluation and critique of the most recent socio-economic rights judgments. It is set to have an impact on debates about courts and socio-economic rights not only in South Africa, but everywhere else where its topic has attracted interest.

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