Feb. 04, 2011: Joint Statements on Ruggie Draft Released

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Thursday, May 10, 2012
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FIAN International

Draft Guidelines on Business and Human Rights

In June 2011 the Human Rights Council in Geneva will consider a proposal of the UN Secretary General's special representative on business and human rights, John Ruggie, on "Guiding Principles for the Implementation of the United Nation's Protect, Respect, Remedy Framework" for voting.

A draft proposal along with some comments can be found on the SRSG's web portal with the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre . The final proposal will be submitted to the Human Rights Council in March. CSOs and experts are criticizing the draft proposal for its tendency to undermine basic features of human rights law and interpretations by treaty bodies. They have taken positions that should be taken into consideration by the UN and the Human Rights Council.

These positions can be found in the following two statements:

Persons or organizations interested in endorsing one or both of these statements, please send an email to Strothenke@fian.org.


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PDFs of the two statements are also available below.

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