Feb. 05, 2011: Update - Members of the Egyptian Center for Housing Rights Have Been Released

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012
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Egyptian Center for Housing Rights


UPDATE - The three members of the Egyptian Center for Housing Rights (ESCR-Net members) who were arrested have now been released. 

Updates from Manal Tibe, the director of the Egyptian Center for Housing Rights below.  We thank all groups who were able to take any action.  Despite this positive news, the situation remains critical in the country and there are still hundreds of people who have been arbitrarily arrested and who face grave danger to their life and physical integrity.

February 5, 2011

"Two of our colleagues have been released and the third one is still detained. The two colleagues reported that the three of them were arrested by a military police that separated between them. They reported also that our third colleague was not taken to the same place of their detention, which was al Khazendar police station (a branch of Al Azbakyiah police station).  Until now there is no confirmed information about the place of detention of our third colleague."

February 6, 2011 

"Finally, our colleague was released yesterday. We could not write to you to confirm his release until we get a personal contact with him.  He was detained at and interrogated by the Intelligence agency.  Yesterday morning, we received information about his place of detention by a member of an international human rights organization who was also a detainee at the same place, however; he was released a day before the release of our colleague."

In fact, we weren't worried about the arrest of our colleagues as much as we were concerned that they would be arrested by thugs, who dominated the streets in Egypt due to the full police withdrew from service since Jan. 25, where murders took place by such thugs and because of the state of chaos we have now in Egypt, there are not any records of such crimes; victims, or perpetrators. Accordingly, many people are missing now in Egypt.

To view the Urgent Appeal to Protect Human Rights Defenders in Egypt, please follow the link.

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