Jan. 31, 2012: Land for the Yakye Axa and the Enxet People

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Although the property to be delivered is not the same as initially claimed, the indigenous group accepted the State's proposal to receive alternative lands because they are part of the Enxet territory, and are adjacent to lands of other indigenous communities.

With this step, land titling in the name of the community is still pending, along with key points of the ruling, such as legislative reform on land restitution or a discussion on development projects to be implemented once the Yakye Axa occupy their land. However, it should be noted that this event, upon the agreement of the community and compensation measures, represents a fundamental advance towards the restitution of lands for this community.

With the acquisition of lands by the Government of Paraguay, there is today a continuous area of almost 50,000 hectares of indigenous lands recovered for Enxet, belonging to three communities: Payseyamexiempa'a, Yakye Kelyenmagategma and Axa. ESCR-Net members Tierraviva and CEJIL, along with many others, have demonstrated significant leadership on this case and solidarity with the members of Yakye Axa. Their efforts have been instrumental in this important victory.

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