March 14, 2012: International Day of Action for Rivers, and Against Dams

Publish Date: 
Thursday, March 15, 2012
Source of Information: 
MAB, International Rivers

March 14th is the international day of action for rivers and against dams.  ESCR-NET’s member MAB (Movement of Dam-Affected People), several other social movements and leading international organizations are taking action in over 40 countries to demand improvement in the policies and practices of decision makers in regards to dam constructions and the forcible displacement of families.

The social movements involved in this struggle have also proclaimed the importance of this day to celebrate achievements and learn from one another about the importance of our rivers and water quality.

MAB has taken to the streets all over the state of Para in Brazil, an area that has been particularly impacted by the construction of large dams and energy projects, and is leading the struggle against water privatization and other policies affecting the local communities. The main objective is to strengthen the resistance and build a new energy model to be followed by a more conscientious society.

For more information on MAB's work on the International Day of Action for Rivers visit :