New Website for ESCR-Net's System of Solidarity and Support (SOS)

Publish Date: 
Friday, December 13, 2013

ESCR-Net has developed a new secure website dedicated to the System of Solidarity and Support (SOS).

The SOS has developed in response to a mandate from members to generate a flexible vehicle in order to harness the collective voices and resources of the Network. It is comprised by a rapid response system that coordinates actions between and amongst members of the Network and other partners to prevent serious human rights violations from occurring, and to increase protection for human rights defenders under threat.

ESCR-Net’s new websitesite for the SOS is intended to serve as a platform for collective action in the face of serious threats to defenders of economic, social and cultural rights. It contains a mechanism to enable members to initiate solidarity actions by means of sign-on letters petition campaigns or other vehicles. A secure, encrypted field allows for the safe collection of information regarding urgent situations for which ESCR-Net members are requesting urgent assistance. The site also offers information and resources in English and Spanish for human rights organizations, advocates and social movements to bolster their personal and digital security, access complaints mechanisms, connect with specialized advice, access resources and tools and identify possible funding resources for security measures and legal defense.

At times, ESCR-Net also generates Urgent Action Appeals in cases of imminent human rights violations or situations where members are under threat. Collective appeals generated on behalf of the Network’s membership follow established Guidelines. See here for examples of recent collective appeals issued by the Network.

ESCR-Net's SOS has emerged from collective work across the Network's membership – both from organizations and social movements who have required urgent solidarity and assistance, and in close collaboration with members that specialize in the defense and promotion of human rights defenders. We invite our members and partners to share their suggestions, as well as materials and organizational resources that we could feature on the information and resources section.

To share your input or to get involved, please contact Thea Gelbspan at Tgelbspan [at]


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