ESCR-Net launches the Spanish version of the Guide "Claiming Women’s ESC Rights using OP-CEDAW and OP-ICESCR"

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The lives of women are affected by a variety of issues, such as the frequent lack of basic services; formal and substantive inequality; the lack of responsibility of States, companies and other global actors; discriminatory cultural stereotypes; beliefs and the impact of harmful practices; and development of programs that do not consider the rights and experiences of women and the differences between them.

For these reasons, the Working Group has consistently promoted a holistic and intersectional approach to the realization of human rights of women, through mobilization and capacity building of civil society and women's rights organizations and NGOs that defend economic, social and cultural rights.

This complete edition of the guide in Spanish (original English version was published in 2013, French versión published in 2015) aims to provide information to organizations and individuals as they begin to think about strategic litigation to ensure the rights of women. The publication of this guide in Spanish will disseminate relevant information among organizations and Spanish-speaking groups who are struggling for women’s ESCR.

This project is the result of collective efforts of the ESCR-Net Working Group on Women and ESCR and also of a long history of experience and capacity building by IWRAW Asia-Pacific. Special thanks to women activists worldwide who contributed to this project.

To download the guide (in Spanish) in a low resolution version click here.

For the English version of the guide, click here. For the French version of the guide, click here

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