Evictions of urban families affected by Belo Monte's dam commence in the Amazon region of Brazil

Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) has reported the commencement of evictions of families living in in urban areas of Altamira do Para in Brazil last Wednesday. These families are living in areas that will be flooded by the the Belo Monte dam, which has been promoted by the government of Brazil and multiple investors as crucial to meeting the country's growing demand for electric energy. The inhabitants inform that, immediately following their displacement from their homes, the houses in which they have lived are being demolished.

Claret Fernandes, MAB member and missionary at the Xingu prelacy, explained in an inspirational post, that "The Belo Monte hydro-power dam, deep in the Amazon region of Brazil, is a typical example of atrocity. The indigenous population was not consulted as demanded by the Brazilian Constitution. There is only a partial license for the dam’s installation. And now the eviction of the population of the town of Altamira has commenced. Some of them will be relocated to small concrete houses built by the company. All of this happens very fast. A concrete house is built in one day and in a few seconds the old house is destroyed. This happens at the rhythm of the thirst that anticipates the profit of of the generation and commercialization of energy that comes from the river. This hydro-power dam construction has been imposed by large transnational economic empires together with the Brazilian State, and financed with public money."

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