Impacts of Ecological Water Bodies Destruction and Livelihoods

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Friday, May 9, 2014

From 28 April to 5 May, Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF) celebrated its founding day under the theme "Impacts of Ecological Water Bodies Destruction and Livelihoods". This year, the theme of the week-long celebration is water conservation, keeping in mind the shrinking water resources and its impacts on the human population and ecosystem. 

Hundreds of fishermen, women, children, artistes, poets and musicians joined the gigantic show in Badin city to celebrate the 16th Foundation Day of PFF. Over the years, PFF has been struggling on wide array of issues such as conservation of natural resources, rehabilitation of the Indus delta, environmentally sustainable fisheries policies, abolition of contract system, historical fishing rights on water bodies of indigenous fishers, industrial fishing, marine pollution and the detention of fisherfolk. It has also been actively engaged in promotion and protection of peasants rights.


PFF has made many significant accomplishments through relentless struggle. However, many of these issues have remained unresolved by the government. Most importantly, the ecological health of water bodies has been put at peril which has been subsequently affecting livelihood of small fisherfolk and peasants.

Therefore, keeping all this in view, PFF celebrated its 16th founding day under the theme "impacts of ecological destruction on natural water resources, community's livelihoods" with a weeklong activities throughout Pakistan.

The main activity of celebration was held in Badin on May 5th 2014. The event was attended by 4 thousands fishing community members both men and women, pesants, civil society activists, writers, Academia,students,media persons and lawyers.

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