Implementation and enforcement of the right to housing in Mexico

Publish Date: 
Monday, September 15, 2014
Fundar México has presented three audiovisual materials on the right to housing, including a discussion group in 2013 which included the participation of numerous Mexican organizations and other regions as CELSACIJ and DeJusticiaThe videos were made ​​by Fundar in collaboration with HIC-AL. You can see the materials here.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn, in the voice of renowned experts, social organizations and public agencies, the situation of housing in Mexico and to compare experiences with other countries in the region that have achieved effective measures for the integral defense of this right.

The right to housing is one of the social rights which has more lags in Mexico, both in the field of public policy and judicial protection. The lack of policies and housing programs for the most disadvantaged, forced evictions and displacement of communities affected by megaprojects are some of the violations that occur systematically. Moreover, the judiciary is not solving the cases in this area with a focus on rights, and just issued recommendations to the Mexican government public human rights.



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