Advancing ESCR-Net’s strategic litigation and implementation projects

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On March 5-6, 2015 the Steering Committee of the Strategic Litigation Working Group (SLWG-SC), joined by a few other members of the SLWG active in specific projects under discussion, met to discuss current projects, and next steps and priorities for our work on strategic litigation in the coming two years. The discussion started last year, when the SLWG commented on a draft work plan, and it will continue as the SLWG receives the final report for this meeting.

The main objectives of the planning process are:

  • To identify SLWG members’ specific areas of interest and potential for joint collaboration;
  • To further refine new projects; and
  • To further prioritize activities.

Seven areas of work are being analyzed: (1) the SLWG’s “progressive engagement” with the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; (2) the SLWG’s engagement with other UN Committees on ESCR; (3) the SLWG’s engagement with regional systems; (4) the SLWG’s engagement with domestic jurisdictions; (5) implementation of ESCR decisions; (6) case database development; and (7) communication within the SLWG.

During the meeting in Geneva, the Strategic Litigation Working Group hosted an informal reception with members of the Committee on ESCR and representatives of OHCHR.

For more information, please contact Daniela Ikawa, Coordinator of the SLWG, at

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