Filing complaints of violations of the right to drinking water

Publish Date: 
Friday, April 17, 2015

In efforts to promote and defend the right to drinking water in Egypt, the Habi Center for Environmental Rights of Egypt released a new guide to allegations of the violations to the right to drinking water. 

The Habi Center has recieved numerous complaints about violations of the right to water, for reasons related to water access, quality and affordability, and has attested to the impacts of these violations on other human rights such as the right to health, work, education and housing. Many of the reports recieved, including those from rural villages which lack access to water or whose groundwater is contaminated, lack the legal grounding necessary to establish the nature of the violation or establish a case that could influence decision-makers to effectively respond.  

The interactive guide explains how to formulate a complaint on violations of the right to drinking water and sanitation and offers tools that could be used formulate other complaints against environmental rights violations. The Habi Center hopes to identify lessons from the experiences of individuals and groups who have used the guide to file complaints, via coordinating discussions and administering questionnaires with activists, community leaders, NGOs and independent experts,  which will allow the authors to continue to refine the material. 

The guide is only available in Arabic; download here

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