HIC appeals for solidarity in opposing forced eviction and excessive use of force in Egypt

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Habitat International Coalition (HIC) and their allies in Egypt are seeking letters of solidarity to condemn gross violations of human rights.

According the report of HIC, at 6:00 on Tuesday morning, 25 August 2015, a demolition force from al-Duqqi District, Giza Governorate, combined with police forces dispatched by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior, used bulldozers, tear gas and the threat of live ammunition to forcibly evict 95 families and demolish their shack dwellings located at al-Sudan Street. The combined forces of the Giza Governorate and Ministry of Interior carried out a bloody repression of the poor inhabitants who contested their demolition. The police used sticks, tear gas, and rubber pullets against the inhabitants, injuring tens of them and causing one woman to miscarry from tear gas inhalation. The events have been covered in the local press and recorded in photographic evidence (below).

Full information is  available on HIC Website on: http://hic-gs.org/news.php?pid=6358

On behalf of HIC, many thanks for your support in sending letters of solidarity and for inviting others to support this case.

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