Opportunity: IAEG-SDGs' open consultation with observers & stakeholders on the proposed indicators (Nov 4-7, 2015)

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs), which was established to develop an indicator framework for the monitoring of the SDGs and associated targets, conducts an open consultation this week on 4-7 November 2015. The online consultation is taking place on the SDG indicators coded as “Green”, for which the IAEG-SDGs members reached general agreement in its 2nd meeting held in Bangkok on 26-28 October 2015.


Source: Introduction to the Open Consultation on "Green" Indicators

As agreed at the 2nd IAEG-SDGs meeting in Bangkok 26-28 October 2015, an open consultation will take place on the proposed SDG Indicators that were coded as "green" ahead of the meeting. As indicated by the co-chairs of the IAEG-SDGs, additional comments on the indicators coded as "green" during the meeting can also be submitted. The consultation will be open from 9 am EST, Wednesday 4 November to 9 am EST, Saturday, 7 November. In this consultation, the IAEG-SDGs members would like observers (non-IAEG member states and representatives of regional commissions and regional and international agencies) and other stakeholders (civil society, academia and private sector) to provide technical comments. For well-established indicators, the technical comments should focus on minor modifications/suggestions of indicator name, measure unit, and metadata (definition, source, frequency). For indicators where methodological development is needed, the comments should focus on how to contribute to the development of the indicator. The inputs provided will be considered by the IAEG-SDGs Members in their final phase of preparation of the set of indicators to be submitted to the Statistical Commission. The final decision on the number, type and formulation of the indicators in the global indicator framework proposal will be taken by the IAEG-SDGs Members.

At the conclusion of the meeting, 159 indicators had been classified as “Green”, for which the IAEG-SDGs reached general agreement. In the questionnaire that follows, you will find for each target the agreed indicators that were coded as “green”, with a space to insert your comment below. We ask that you to keep your comments brief and remind you that this consultation will not consider alternative indicator proposals. Also, every time you insert a comment on an indicator, please begin by stating the name of your country or organization (ex. “Country Y comments…” or “Organisation Z comments…”).

There are several documents on the meeting’s website that may be of use when reviewing these indicators. These documents include the “Open consultation: Summary of comments received (corrected version - 19 October 2015) and list of indicator proposals (11 August 2015)”, “Compilation of Metadata Received on Indicators for Global Monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets (updated 23 October 2015)”, and “Results of Questionnaire on Summary of Comments by IAEG Members (updated 22 Oct 2015)”, as well as the individual member responses to the questionnaire referenced in the last document. In addition, you can find statements made during the meeting and other relevant documents on the website.

The deadline for submitting your inputs is 9 am EST, Saturday, 7 November 2015. We realise this is a very short turnaround for this exercise and would like to thank for your understanding in completing the form by this date. A timely completion of this consultation will allow the IAEG members to consider the inputs when finalising the proposal to be presented to the Statistical Commission by the end of November. If you should have any questions regarding the consultation or encounter any problems in completing the questionnaire, please contact Mr. Benjamin Rae (raeb@un.org)