Dejusticia and Business and Human Rights Resource Center release a report on the coal industry and human rights

Publish Date: 
Sunday, January 24, 2016

ESCR-Net members Dejusticia and the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre have recently co-published a report entitled “Digging Deeper: The Human Rights Impacts of Coal in the Global South”. Based on case studies carried out in four countries (Colombia, South Africa, Egypt and India), the report examines the correlation between increased coal production in the Global South and the human rights contexts in each country.  

A key premise informing the report is that the coal industry must be analyzed through a human rights lens given the serious impacts on both workers and people living in coal-producing areas. As such, it is critical that those companies and individuals (often from the Global North) promoting and benefitting from these activities assume a level of responsibility that goes beyond mere "corporate responsibility". 

Dejusticia - a Colombian organization dedicated to research and knowledge building related to human rights - plays an important role in informing public opinion in Colombia, as well as internationally. The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre focuses its efforts on providing different forms of support to human rights defenders and in cases of corporate human rights violations, across diverse countries.

The report is available here