Right to Education Project launches online guide to monitoring the right to education using human rights indicators

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Right to Education Project has recently launched their publication of an online Guide to Monitoring the Right to Education (‘Guide’) and accompanying Right to Education Indicators Selection Tool (‘Tool’).  

The Right to Education Project has long advocated that human rights should be at the heart of education advocacy.  This organization aims to orient education advocacy efforts to a human rights framework because States are legally and politically bound to protect everyone’s human rights and can be held accountable if they fail to do so.

The Right to Education’s Guide and Tool endeavors to demystify and simplify the monitoring process and help all those engaging in education advocacy to gather credible and relevant evidence using human rights indicators which can then be used as a basis upon which to advocate for change, in line with human rights law and principles.  

The Guide presents, in a user-friendly manner, a systematic way of monitoring education using human rights indicators. Organized around a monitoring framework, the guide enables users to identify deprivations and inequalities in the enjoyment of the right to education using outcome indicators, and analyze education laws and policies and the implementation of these policies using structural and process indicators.  Furthermore, the guide provides an analytical framework used to analyze the use and misuse of financial resources allocated to implementing education policies, using finance process indicators, and to examine key policy processes, using process indicators that measure compliance with key human rights principles in the formulation of education policies.  

Furthermore, the Right To Education Project has developed the Tool, containing over 150 human rights indicators to monitor just about every aspect of the right to education.  Each indicator has information on interpretation, relevant human rights standards, where to find data, and suggested levels of disaggregation. The Tool and Guide work in tandem. At each step the Guide explains which type of indicators to use, how to select appropriate indicators using the Tool, where to find data and how to interpret that data.

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