RPDH raises concerns over proposed law threatening freedom of association and expression in the Republic of Congo

Four Congolese human rights organizations, including ESCR-Net Member the Recontre pour la Paix et les Droits de l’Homme (RPDH), have denounced certain provisions of a proposed law governing associations, initiated by the National Assembly of the Republic of the Congo. According to the organizations, the bill seeks to reduce the scope of freedom of association and to condition this freedom on the degree to which their activities are deemed supportive of the government.

Requesting to be involved in the drafting process for the law, the RPDH and fellow organizations are now working to ensure that the law contributes to reinforcing, rather than undermining, fundamental freedoms and civic space.

The organizations published a press release and a more detailed position paper (available in French in which they express their deep concern about this proposed law and call on national and international institutions, as well as human rights organizations in the Republic of Congo, to undertake all necessary measures to ensure that NGOs and other civil society organizations are able to operate freely in the country.

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