FUNDEPS advocates for female quotas in Argentina

Publish Date: 
Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Fundación para el Desarollo de Políticas Sustentables (FUNDEPS) proposes quotas as a way to ensure that males to not have a majority in politics in comparison to female politicians.  This issue of unequal political representation arises after the recent resolution officially ruled by the Argentinian federal judge, Reinaldo Rubén Rodríguez, who is challenging the list of 15 national deputy candidates in the country.

FUNDEPS argues that female quota laws in Argentina are nothing more than "special temporary measures" established in legislation, which are no longer applicable when the objectives for equality of opportunity and treatment have been achieved. Thus, they question if such equality between men and women has already been achieved.

FUNDEPS reasons that mandatory female representation by quota is necessary and the first step to ensure equal opportunities, especially within politics. Political parties must find female representatives, with sufficient qualifications to fill representative positions, so that women are represented.

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