Tunisia: Women working in agriculture lack secure transportation to work

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Women working in agriculture in Tunisia continue to face serious risks as a result of unsafe transportation to their places of work, sometimes leading to deadly accidents. On Monday, 36 women working in the agricultural sector were injured in an accident during travel to their workplace, leaving three of them in critical condition.

Following the accident, the Forum Tunisien pour les Droits Economiques et Sociaux (Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights -- FTDES) published a statement calling on the Ministries of Agriculture and Transportation to take immediate steps to ban the use of unsafe methods of transportation of workers by their employers and to ensure that measures are taken against those who violate the law. The organization is also calling on the Tunisian government to establish a comprehensive plan to eliminate all forms of vulnerable employment of women in agriculture (as well as other sectors) and ensure that their constitutional and human rights are respected, particularly with regards to the right to adequate work, just and equitable conditions of work (including decent wages), and social security.

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