New tools to understand Corporate Capture

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, December 18, 2018

ESCR-Net members have increasingly been using the term “corporate capture” to refer to the means by which an economic elite undermine the realization of human rights and the environment by exerting undue influence over domestic and international decision-makers and public institutions.

Over the past four years, with the leadership of a Corporate Capture Project Advisory Group,ESCR-Net’s Corporate Accountability Working group has worked to increase awareness and devise strategies to address this global trend. In 2018, members have carried out advocacy, research and communications actions, with the leadership of the Project Advisory Group, including:

  • the manifestations of corporate capture, which were revised to include “shaping narratives” and “capture of academic institutions,”
  • a clear advocacy position and engagement in relation to the evolving UN treaty that successfully influence the text of the zero draft
  • research on policy and legislative mechanisms to map the ways corporate capture is being addressed, and
  • a video animation on corporate capture, which premiered at the Peoples’ Forum in English and Spanish.

Building on this project, in 2019, ESCR-Net is going to initiate a network-wide campaign to start a wider conversation about corporate capture and the impact that this trend is having on land, housing and natural resource rights. With attention to how those concerns impact women and require women’s leadership, this campaign will work to engage the wider ESCR-Net membership in raising awareness about the trend of corporate capture and evolving strategies to counter it. Learn more about how you can join the ESCR-Net campaign on corporate capture in 2019 by emailing Gabriela C Martins.


Members and allies are invited to share the video. If you can commit to sharing the corporate capture video, please fill out the Corporate Capture Video - Sharing Commitment Form currently available: