Unpacking corporate capture: community manipulation

On 30 September, the Corporate Capture Project Advisory Group (PAG) broadcasted the second webinar in its series of webinars on corporate capture discussing specifically cases of community manipulation, which is one of the more common manifestations of corporate capture. The webinar was entitled “Unpacking Corporate Capture: Community Manipulation”.



In the webinar, ESCR-Net members focused their discussion on community manipulation, one of the eight manifestations of corporate capture identified by network members. With cases from Colombia, Mexico,  and Thailand, the webinar explored trends related to community manipulation and foregrounded the strategies being employed by organizations working to defend human rights in the face of corporate power.

In the first webinar, held in April 2019, the Corporate Accountability Working Group introduced the concept of “corporate capture” and its eight manifestations illustrated by cases from Colombia and the United States.

Available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic, “Unpacking Corporate Capture: Community Manipulation” is an opening for more extensive conversation about one of the means by which corporations are exerting undue influence over public affairs.

We welcome and encourage your comments and question on the presentations at any time. Do you have cases of community manipulation that you would like to share with ESCR-Net? Feel free to contact Mona here.