Call for a Women’s Global Strike on 8 March 2020

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Women’s Global Strike, a global campaign currently endorsed by over 90 organizations and movements worldwide, is a response to the unkept promises made 25 years ago in the Beijing Declaration by our governments to advance equality, development and peace for all women.

This strike calls women everywhere to stop/slow down formal work and/or care work, and take action to demand women’s rights, to show the world that, #IfWomenStopTheWorldStops. It is a collective action to honor the history of women’s collective power to demand our human rights and revive it, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, when women across generations have risen up for equality. This campaign connects diverse struggles around women’s economic, social and cultural rights: women trade unionists, indigenous, peasant, fisherfolk communities defending their lands, activists promoting climate justice, and many other women worldwide are mobilizing.

The Strike has been initially conceived in Asia by ESCR-Net member APWLD, and the Network is extending this campaign to other regions via solidarity and the strong leadership of members across countries (such as National Union of Domestic Employees in the Caribbean region, or la Coordinadora Andina de Organizaciones Indigenas in Latin America). Many members are joining this campaign and have started to promote it at their countries.

Join us and stop the world together for women’s rights!

+ Learn more visiting the Women's Global Strike website and reading the Political statement (Available in 8 languages).

How to join the campaign?

Campaign flyer: Publicize and share the flyer with fellow members of your organization, community and allies. The flyer contains the Political statement of the campaign and other relevant information
Logo: Include the campaign logo it in your email signature, social media picture profile or other communication platforms.
If women stop, the world stops! Use the campaign slogan to capture the attention on the campaign on social media, press releases and other materials. It’s translated in 23 languages.

+ Download the Campaign Kit here >>

In your action related to the Strike:

  • Submit your event or activity. Click here and tell us when or where, and we’ll add it to our event listing
    What to do on 8 March? The campaign is totally flexible on what to do concretely on 8 March. Regardless of the activities your movement or organization is planning (whether a march, a forum, an art journey or others among thousands of potential activities), we encourage you to frame it around the Strike, and use all the materials available on the website.
  • Send us pictures, videos or any other materials of your activities around the Strike to We will disseminate it via the website of the campaign.
  • Mention the campaign on social media:

Facebook: @WomensGlobalStrike
Twitter @WomensGblStrike
Instagram @womensglobalstrike
Hashtags: #IfWomenStopTheWorldStops #WomensGlobalStrike

Become a mover!

If you would like to help spread the fire of our resistance, and serve as regional/national/global focal point of the campaign, please reach out to us.

Upcoming activities:

  • Send your comments to the Political Declaration (Deadline 10 February 2020) For more information about how to send your comments please contact us here.
  • Call for nominations for global/national/regional focal points and Global Steering Group of the campaign (January 31 2020. This call will remain open for countries and regions where focal points are still needed).
  • 8 March: Women’s Global Strike. We will be stopping the world!
  • March 11, 18:00-21:00 Public event Escalating global strikes: Connecting struggles and building solidarity for a feminist future. Where: The People’s Forum (320 West 37th Street, New York) at 6 pm - 9 pm. Organizers and participants of the Women's Global Strike, women leaders across regions, struggles and social movements, sharing their experiences, the inspiring mobilization, and the power of ‘the strike as a weapon of love’ to make feminist realities possible.

More information:
Viviana Osorio, Women and ESCR Working Group Coordinator,
Esther de la Rosa, Communications Coordinator,

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