Feb 2, 2012: New Factsheet, 'Central Banks: Do They Have Human Rights Obligations?'

ESCR-Net in conjunction with several members of an initiative for ‘a bottom up approach to righting financial regulation' have today released a new factsheet on the human rights obligations of central banks.

As part of a partnership between ESCR-Net members, Center of Concern, Centre for Economic & Social Rights, AWID, CIVICUS, DAWN, Social Watch and iBase30, and authored by James Heintz of the Political Economy Research Institute, today marks the release of the second in a series of factsheets exploring the links between financial regulation and human rights. The release of these factsheets is part of a broader initiative named ‘A Bottom Up Approach to Righting Financial Regulation'. Further factsheets discussing the Human Rights and a Financial Transaction Tax, Human Rights and the G20, as well as others, will be released throughout 2012.

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