Report: OP-ICESCR Ratification - Building a Regional Strategy in Africa

The NGO Coalition for the Ratification of the OP to the ICESCR organized a day-long session as part of the Social Rights Litigation Workshop held in South Africa on 12-14 March 2012. Participants were supported and encouraged to research the position of their countries in relation to the ICESCR and OP-ICESCR and come prepared to discuss strategies.  The main objectives of this discussion were to expand the common understanding of the current context in the African region toward fostering ratification of the OP, as well as receiving and sharing knowledge about opportunities and obstacles. This was done by gathering an understanding of where various states are at now, various contexts, obstacles and opportunities and by working together to draw up a road map for our next steps.  We began the session with an overview of the International NGO Coalition´s Campaign and the work undertaken to date. 

Click here to see the full report of the OP-Session at the SRL Workshop.

Report on OP-ICESCR Africa meeting Final.pdf

Working Group Description: