Terra de Direitos


What we do

Terra de Direitos is a Brazilian human rights organization working to defend, promote and seek enforcement of rights, especially economic, social, cultural and environmental rights (ESCER, or Dhesca in Portuguese).

The organization came into being in Curitiba (PR) in 2002, to work in situations of collective conflicts related to access to land and to rural and urban territories. Terra de Direitos is currently involved nationally and internationally in human rights issues and has offices in Santarém (PA), Curitiba (PR) and Brasília (DF). TdT It believes that democratization of access to land, whether urban or rural, is paramount for ensuring the dignified reproduction of life, given that land is the source of our subsistence, our shelter and based on which we form our individual and collective identities.

It fights for the building of territories free from exploitation and which have collective social practices both in rural areas and in cities, based on the principles and tools of public interest law.