This short guide has been developed as part of ESCR-Net’s project on community-led research. The guide has been co-authored by members of the Project Advisory Group with the aim of providing a practical overview of key research methodologies to be used in community-led research. While there are a number of methodologies that groups involved in the project, and grassroots and community groups more broadly, could avail of, this guide focuses on research methods that are particularly appropriate to conduct research on issues of access to land, housing and natural resources, and which allow to engage individuals and groups who tend to be marginalised and excluded in traditional research. 

The guide covers the following methodologies:

  • Surveys
  • Focus group discussions
  • Individual interviews
  • Digital storytelling 
  • Using social media to crowdsource evidence
  • Community mapping

For each research methodology we have briefly outlined what it consists of, what it allows to do or achieve and what are some key limitations. We also indicated useful resources to provide more in-depth information and practical examples.

Download the guide in PDF: Research Methodologies – English