Accessing U.S. Embassies: A Guide for LGBT Human Rights Defenders

The Council for Global Equality

!is guide is intended as a manual for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists and NGOs in other countries to help them understand how U.S. embassies work; how to call on U.S. diplomats to support their human rights goals; how to access U.S. support, including both technical and #nancial support; and how to frame requests in ways that will appeal to strategic U.S. priorities. !e guide also emphasizes the limits of U.S. embassy support and the potential that exists for backlash in some hostile environments. By presenting both the opportunities and potential pitfalls of U.S. embassy engagement, and by highlighting those with concrete examples, the Council aims to provide both the information and the context that will allow individual human rights defenders and organizations to decide for themselves whether they want to approach U.S. embassies as partners in their work. While this guide does not address intersex issues directly, it is the Council’s hope that human rights NGOs and activists promoting the rights and dignity of intersex persons will also #nd this guide instructive and will use it to reach out to U.S. embassies in a similar way.

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