Briefing Note on Infrastructure, Energy and Extractives


This briefing note discusses the human rights implications of current models of financing for extractive industry and large-scale infrastructure projects. It critiques the current conditions under which foreign direct investment and infrastructure financing take place, with a focus on the financing modalities promoted by key political and financial institutions, including multilateral development banks and the Group of 20.  

Also included is a selection of resources that are helpful for understanding the human rights impacts of infrastructure and extractive industry projects, including in the energy sector, as well as the broader political and economic context.

This briefing note was originally developed in September 2016, following a mapping of ESCR-Net members focused on economic policy and human rights in 2015-2016 and reflects one of the key themes identified by members for further analysis and potential collective action.

View the complete paper here.

Developed thanks to the collective work of ESCR-Net Members
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