Community Guide to the International Finance Corporation

Inclusive Development International (IDI)

The Community Guide to the International Finance Corporation is a resource for people adversely affected by IFC-funded projects.  The guide is designed to help communities understand their rights and entitlements vis-a-vis IFC projects and to decide whether they want to file a complaint to the Compliance Advisory Ombudsman (CAO) as a part of their advocacy strategy.  The guide explains the IFC Performance Standards and covers what affected communities can do when IFC-supported projects do not comply with the Performance Standards and cause or threaten to cause harm. The Facilitators’ Manual contains activities and guided discussions on each topic to help communities use the information that they learn to develop an advocacy strategy to defend their rights.  This can be used to facilitate a 1.5 - 2 day workshop. The guide in Vietnamese and French, as well as the participant verisons, can be found here.

Read the full facilitator guide in English here.